From the recordings The Smooth Truth! and Got To Live Right

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A Dallas III original

Vs1. Trying to think well, tryin’ to behave, the standard has been set (by The Lord) for every day. Our time here is short, in just a little while, we’ll be long gone from here, to the great beyond.

Hook: We got to live right, reckoning comes, in the valley of decision, can’t turn around. Now is all we got, we better use it wisely, judgment comes, in just a little while

Vs2. We better love HIM, and pray all the time. Let’s take up our cross, and follow The King. We got to live right, if we wanna die right. We don’t know our departure date, and we can’t wait too late.

Piano Solo

Bridge: 1. Not one excuse will do, so let’s not make them (behave)
2. When we’re alone, and nobody else can see us (behave)
3. In our minds, all the time, got to be seeking Him! (behave)
4. If your goal is to save your soul, got to live right


© Dallas A Walker III 2021